motion capture


Motion Capturing a Horse Is a Huge Pain in the Ass

An animation studio has devised a new way to motion capture horses for video games.


Film Directors Are Bringing Actors Back From the Dead With Creepily Real CGI Skin

Will life-like skin movement rescue digital characters from the uncanny valley once and for all?


Watch a Dancer Transform into a Pulsating Cloud of 3D Data

Dancer Shiho Tanaka transforms into a writhing cloud of data.


A Crumbling Building Dances Itself to Death in a Cyberpunk Music Video

Electronic musician Corin’s body movements get transposed into a crumbling and dancing building in the music video for "Vexations."


Dancer Takes Zero-Gravity Flight to Create 3D Dance Performance

French artists Paul Marlier and Jeanne Morel teamed up with French space agency CNES to materialize a dance performance inside Novespace’s parabolic flight, Air Zero G.


This Is What 1970s Motion Capture Tech Looked Like

How one of the most infamous TV shows of all time—one apparently cancelled in the middle of its first episode—gave viewers a very early look at motion capture technology.


The Royal Shakespeare Company Uses Real Time Effects to Create a New Version of ‘The Tempest.’

A new production of Shakespeare’s play uses new technology to wow new audiences.


Boogie with a Bevy of Blockbuster-Grade CGI Dancers

Elegant silver, gold, and varnished wood get up and groove in Esteban Diánoco's mesmerizing animations.


What's It Like to Direct Kit Harington in 'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare'?

Taylor Kurosaki, Narrative Director of 'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare,' gives us the skinny on the job and working with Jon Snow himself.


Microsoft’s Experimental Tech Captures 3D Scenes in Unprecedented Detail

The tech is a big step toward some pretty wild innovations, like remotely attending a live concert or sporting event in full 3D.


130 Different People Form One Uncanny CGI Character

British Artist Ed Atkins has created a rambling, bald figure from the motion recordings of 130 people.


Light Art Makes the Far Side of the Moon an Interactive Experience

Montreal-based studio, Iregular, gives audiences a chance to dance with the shadows of synthetic moonlight.