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Karate-Inspired Choreography Gets a Futuristic Twist in This Video

The performance 'EXISDANCE' combines dance and real-time projection mapping to create a jaw-dropping spectacle.


Motion-Tracking Video Turns a Conductor’s Movements into Awesome Art

Tobias Gremmler's latest experiment follows a conductor from the London Symphony Orchestra.


Microsoft’s Experimental Tech Captures 3D Scenes in Unprecedented Detail

The tech is a big step toward some pretty wild innovations, like remotely attending a live concert or sporting event in full 3D.


The Best Kinect Game Is the Last Kinect Game

Fru, which will release on July 13, is the best Kinect game ever. It’s probably the last one too.


Play a Virtual Reality Synthesizer With Your Real Hands

Amsterdam-based coder and motion designer Sander Sneek upgrades his ‘Soundscape’ synthesizer for Leap Motion Orion integration.


Watch Kung Fu Physics Materialize Before Your Eyes

Every action flows like a river current in In Tobias Gremmier's latest motion visualization video.


A Projection-Mapped Planet Rises in Dubai

The opening ceremony for last year's World Air Games in Dubai showed off real-time spherical projection mapping.


This Digital Graffiti Is a Trip Through a Twisted City

Japanese tech cult Aujik makes street art that doesn’t leave a trace.


Another Nail in Kinect's Coffin: Xbox One Update Removes Gesture Tracking

Microsoft continues to back away from Kinect's bold vision of controlling your TV with hand gestures.


Command Your Own Army of Glow-in-the-Dark Dancing Robots

We could watch Sarah Petkus and Mark Koch's 'Light Play' robots wiggle for days.


Face Tracking Tech Lets This Artwork Stare at You

Ivor Diosi's award-winning 'The Qualia' series imagines artworks as having "perception of their own."