Mount Everest

Environmental Extremes

Everest Is Melting, Revealing Tons of Garbage and Human Bodies

Due to decades of commercial mountaineering and climate change, the worlds tallest mountain is becoming “the world’s highest garbage dump.”
Omkar Khandekar
11 hours ago
Mount Everest

11 People Died Climbing Everest This Year. Is Traffic to Blame?

An American climber is the latest to die climbing the world's most famous peak.
Tim Marcin

The ‘Yeti’ Footprints Found by the Indian Army Are Probably Just a Bear's

“Any reasonable person can see these are melted prints.”
Sarah Emerson

My Altitude Sickness Didn't Ruin the Pizza at Mount Everest's Basecamp

You never know what you’re going to get at the Nepalese teahouses along your trek.
Natalie B. Compton
Sustainable Energy

The Man Trying to Fix Mount Everest's Towering Poop Problem

Volunteer engineers and architects want to solve Mount Everest's most unsolvable problem: its landfills of human waste.
Sarah Emerson
Mount Everest

Saray Khumalo Takes on Everest

"I don't need a man to climb a mountain," says Khumalo, who hopes to become the first black African woman to summit the world's highest peak.
Neha Wadekar

These Ex-Noma Chefs Are Throwing a Pop-Up on Mount Everest

One Star House Party, a 20-month, 20-nation roving pop-up restaurant, will embrace the cuisines of Kenya, Oman, India, Iceland, and Nepal—on the barren slopes of Mount Everest, no less.
Diana Hubbell
pop up

Want to Eat a Noma-Level Meal on Mount Everest? Now You Can

Unlike most dining experience, the Base Camp leg of this culinary tour will last a whopping 14 days. In addition to an insane travel experience, the trek promises to offer a glimpse into the psyche of a presumably obsessive and adventurous chef.
Nick Rose

Climbing Everest in Virtual Reality Was More Powerful Than Any Video Game

This is virtual tourism meeting its most epic potential, the sort of project that really isn't for the players, but for the people.
Mike Diver

​Sherpa Describe Why They Returned to Everest after the Deadliest Season Ever

Some came back to the mountain out of love, others out of economic necessity.
Daniel Oberhaus
united nations

Stonehenge, Easter Island, Venice: Climate Change Will Destroy Human History

Beloved World Heritage sites all over the world might disappear forever, thanks to climate change.
Sarah Emerson

A Woman Died Climbing Mount Everest While Trying to Prove ‘Vegans Can Do Anything'

The Australian finance lecturer at Monash University and her husband, Robert Gropel, sought to reach the summit of the world in order to achieve a simple goal: “To prove that vegans can do anything and more.”
Alex Swerdloff