Mountain Dew


We Made Sommeliers Taste Mountain Dew's America-Flavored 'Liberty Brew'

"It kind of smells like when you’re in fourth grade and you buy those perfumes and body sprays...Victoria's Secret glitter body spray."


A Definitive Ranking of Almost Every Flavor of Mountain Dew

I did the Dew in 25 different incarnations to bring you this comprehensive guide to its many nuances.


Mountain Dew Mistakenly Tells All of Scotland to Masturbate for 'Epic Thrills'

Gives a whole new meaning to 'Do the Dew.'


Chris Long Apologizes for Premature Celebration

The Eagles won a wild one last night against the Raiders, which included Long sacking Derek Carr and celebrating while the ball was still up for grabs.


Taco Bell's Friendsgiving Menu Includes Mountain Dew-Glazed Ham

Please pass the Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos Mashed Potatoes.


Investigating the Middle School Rumor that Mountain Dew Lowers Your Sperm Count

One of the greatest rumors in middle school was that the yellow dye in Mountain Dew killed off your sperm. Naturally, it became a much beloved contraceptive choice for countless teens. Was there any truth to the rumor?


Pepsi Does Not Want to Be A Soda Company Anymore

After years of declining sales and the international war on sugary drinks raging on, soft drink giants are distancing themselves from the sodas brands which were once their crown jewels.


Mountain Dew Mixed With Gasoline Is a Deadly Trend in This Tennessee Town

Two teens in the Tennessee town of Greenbrier are reported to have died after allegedly drinking a cocktail of Mountain Dew and racing fuel.


Peace Park 2015: “Carving is Cool”

Danny Davis’s annual spring break party brings out some the year’s best snowboarding at a custom-built terrain park.


Weekend Is Not The Weeknd

The post-punk band talks about their new record, 'Jinx,' how it's difficult to make money as a musician, and, of course, about how underrated Mountain Dew Code Red really is.