mountain lion


Watch a Man Calmly Describe Choking a Mountain Lion to Death to Save His Life

"I just kind of had my heart sink into my stomach."


The Guy Who Fought Off a Mountain Lion Finally Told His Side of the Story

"I will never be able to live up to the reputation."


This Guy Got Attacked by a Mountain Lion and Killed It with His Bare Hands

"Everyone is baffled and impressed. He had no weapons, no knives or trekking poles with him. How did he do it?"


Baby Florida Panthers Are What We All Need Right Now

Some very important (and very cute) kittens have been spotted near Florida’s Caloosahatchee River.


Update: The ‘Wrestler Beats Mountain Lion’ Story Was a Hoax

Claiming he had been a collegiate wrestler injected just enough plausibility for everyone to fall for Robert Olson's story about breaking a mountain lion's neck in a life-or-death struggle.


Former NCAA Wrestler Survives Mountain Lion Attack

A California resident hiking in Prefumo Canyon was reportedly attacked over the weekend, and was forced to defend himself by breaking the mountain lion’s neck.


Ohio Idiot Jumps Zoo Fence and Pets Adorable, Bloodthirsty Cougars

He filmed the whole thing and posted the video on YouTube, because that's what you do when you trespass in a zoo and play with dangerous animals.


Watch A 3D-Printed Mountain Lion Run Forever

Fin Crowther's 3D printed moutnain lion animation is the fiercer successor to the viral short 'Bears on Stairs.'