How I Got Out of Bed the Day After My Mother's Funeral

"The morning after the hardest day of my life, the day I buried my mother, I learned a sobering truth: People go on with their lives."
Candice Benbow
To Hell And Back

What Does a Metalhead Wear to a Funeral?

Sometimes an all-black wardrobe is more of a curse than a blessing (plus new tunes from Blackrat, High Cost, Dropdead, and more).
Kim Kelly

After My Lover Died, I Found Support in Her Former Partners

On the first episode of the "Queerly Beloved" podcast, masculine-of-center queers find a tender connection over the loss of a mutual friend and love.
Sarah Burke

7 Books to Guide You Through Grief and Loss

Whether you're mourning the death of a loved one or just dealing with the despair of everyday life, these titles will help you heal.
Laura Winnick

The Surreal, Awkward Parts of Grief That No One Talks About

An anthology of essays, "Modern Loss," offers up honest and sometimes humorous stories about the reality of death and mourning in the digital age.
Sarah Burke
Away Messages

DMs From Beyond the Grave Are Changing How We Grieve

“When you experience those feelings and memories, it’s a little bit like losing someone all over again.”
Michael Waters

How to Handle Being Ghosted by a Friend

According to experts.
Anna Goldfarb
Life Inside

The Singular Sorrow of Grieving Behind Bars

"I had no idea how much pain I would be forced to carry alone.”
Dwayne Hurd

The Emotional Work of Photographing Stillborn Babies

Marion Hogl photographs miscarried and stillborn infants in order to give parents a last keepsake of their child. It’s a job that oscillates between profound grief and gratitude.
Barbara Kreuzpointner

How to Cope with Grief in Wake of Attack at Ariana Grande Show

Following the Manchester bombing that killed 22 and injured 50—many of whom were women and girls—many are struggling to cope. We spoke to psychiatrists about the grief process for such a tragedy.
Kimberly Lawson
football as a platform for public displays of grief

Has Soccer Developed an Unhealthy Obsession With Grief?

​Football is being consumed by grief, with public acts of mourning fast becoming a weekly occurrence. But the increasing frequency reduces the impact of these displays and, over time, could serve to rob them of meaning altogether.
Alex Hess

Danny Duffy and Christian Colón Hug Royals Fans Mourning Yordano Ventura at the K

Fans in Kansas City flocked to Kauffman Stadium to pay their respects, and were surprised to be greeted by Royals pitcher Danny Duffy and shortstop Christian Colón.
Liam Daniel Pierce