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“We can’t do this forever”: At sea with migrant rescuers

Rossalyn Warren
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David Nott Is Risking His Life to Bring Medical Care to Syria’s Warzones

The British surgeon has spent more than two decades working in conflict areas across the world.
Ankita Rao
Humble Bundle

The Humble Freedom Bundle Offers Games, Comics, Feel-Good Vibes

All proceeds from the Humble Freedom Bundle go to charity.
Danielle Riendeau

Inside the Middle Eastern Hospital 3D-Printing for War Victims

The Médecins Sans Frontières​ facility in Jordan is providing much needed care to people in the region.
Sally Hayden

Boko Haram left an estimated 5 million people in Nigeria on the brink of famine

"We will see, I think, a famine unlike any we have ever seen anywhere," United Nations Assistant Secretary-General Toby Lanzer said in Brussels last week.
Kayla Ruble

Boko Haram is leaving a major healthcare crisis in its wake

Aid workers are entering for the first time areas in Nigeria once held by the terrorist militia, and finding nearly a million people in desperate conditions.
Kayla Ruble

The VICE Morning Bulletin

The United States Olympic Committee has apologized for swimmers' false claims about being robbed, Russia agrees to a 48-hour ceasefire in Aleppo, Frank Ocean drops a new visual album, and more.
VICE Staff
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Another hospital bombed in Yemen by Saudi coalition, aid group says

Saudi-led coalition aircraft attacked a Médecins Sans Frontières-supported hospital in northern Hajja province in Yemen on Monday, killing at least seven people and wounding 13.
Benjamin Gilbert
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10 killed and dozens injured after Saudi coalition allegedly bombs school in Yemen

The attack occurred after the Pentagon announced that it was selling $1.15 billion in weapons to Saudi Arabia and $750 million in guided aerial munitions to the UAE, both of which are taking part in the air war in Yemen.
Tess Owen
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The battle for Syria's Aleppo just went through a chaotic 48 hours

Syrian rebels cut the main supply route to the part of the city held by the regime, and Assad's army is fighting back hard.
Benjamin Gilbert

More migrants are dying this year in the Mediterranean than ever before

The latest figures from the International Organization for Migration show that 2,977 people have died so far in 2016, with around 20 migrants dying each day since March.
Kayla Ruble

Thousands escaped Boko Haram in Nigeria — now they're starving to death

Humanitarian workers discovered 24,000 people sheltering in a makeshift camp in a former militant stronghold, with more than 1,200 dead and hundreds of starving children.
Reuters News Agency