The FCC Wants $200 to Release Emails About Ajit Pai's Giant Reese's Mug

This is just the latest example of the agency stonewalling FOIA requests on seemingly inconsequential topics.
Kaleigh Rogers
Board Games

These People Are Selling the CIA's Internal Board Game to the Public

The plans for an internal CIA training game were released to the public last month—now it's becoming real and getting Kickstarted.
Michael Gaynor
net neutrality

The FCC Is Refusing to Release Emails About Ajit Pai's 'Harlem Shake' Video

Citing the infamous b5 exemption, the Federal Communications Commission refused to release emails related to the planning of the net neutrality video.
Kaleigh Rogers
sexual assault

Public Hospitals in NYC Have Destroyed Over 800 Rape Kits Since 2012

New York has no statute of limitations for reporting rape—but public hospitals are only required to keep rape kits for 30 days. Because of this loophole, advocates say, victims still have an unfairly small window for seeking justice.
Vanessa Nason

Getting NASA to Comply With Simple FOIA Requests Is a Nightmare

NASA often refuses to complete Freedom of Information Act requests using the excuse that it is "unclear what specific NASA records you are requesting."
Joseph Cox
Jason Koebler
At Play in the Carceral State

Inside the Bureaucratic Nightmare That Is Reporting on Gitmo

How long wait times and lack of precedent impede efforts to study the US detention facility at Guantanamo Bay.
Muira McCammon
No Dice

Why The FBI Investigated ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Players in the 1990s

An FBI memo written during the Unabomber investigation describes roleplayers as 'armed and dangerous,' 'extremely intelligent individuals' and 'overweight and not neat in appearance.'
JPat Brown
Tools of the Trade

How the Denver Police Crack and Search Cell Phones

New training documents show how the Colorado agency instructs officers to use Cellebrite devices to get into suspects' phones.
Curtis Waltman

Billionaire Trump Funder Also Paid for Milo Yiannopoulos’ College Speaking Tour

University of Washington records confirm Yiannopoulos’ speaking fee as zero dollars, and entirely self-financed.
Matt Guariglia

Police in Indianapolis Have Had Stingray Cell Site Simulators Since 2012

Previously unreported, the IMPD has had a StingRay since 2012, ascertained from their Non Disclosure Agreement with the FBI.
Curtis Waltman

13 Million Pages of Declassified CIA Documents Were Just Posted Online

The CIA was losing money because a heroic citizen used the agency's ink and paper to print and scan them one by one.
Jason Koebler

Here's How Much a StingRay Cell Phone Surveillance Tool Costs

It's a rare look into the pricing and packaging of the cellphone surveillance tech.
Curtis Waltman