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Democrats' Next Big Move: Haul Trump's Inner Circle to Capitol Hill

Rep. David Cicilline told VICE News the House will fight to compel Don McGahn, Corey Lewandowski, Hope Hicks, and Rick Dearborn to testify.
Matt Laslo

2020 Democrats Are Doubling Down on Impeachment Calls as Mueller Testifies

They agree with the NAACP, which unanimously voted for the House to start impeachment proceedings.
Cameron Joseph
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Are You a Country That Is Not the U.S.? Trump Would Gladly Take Your Dirt on His 2020 Opponents.

You can now send the president secrets for the low, low price of a two-year investigation.
Rex Santus
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Trump: Russia Helped Get Me Elected. Minutes Later: Russia Didn’t Help Me Get Elected.

He tweeted his first acknowledgement that Russia played a part
Rex Santus
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Read Robert Mueller's First Public Statement About the Russia Probe

"The report is my testimony," Mueller said.
maria butina

"I destroyed my own life": Maria Butina is very sorry she conspired to influence the U.S. election

The pro-gun, alleged Russian agent is going to jail for 18 months.
Emma Ockerman
Investigating the investigation

Republicans are about to go full Benghazi over the Mueller report

GOP leaders in the Senate want to investigate the FBI, Mueller, and Hillary Clinton.
Matt Laslo

Mueller: Assange worked with the Russians because he thought Hillary was a “sociopath”

The Mueller report shows how closely WikiLeaks was working with the Russians.
Emma Ockerman
mueller report

How Trump officials' encrypted messaging made Mueller's job harder

Ironically James Comey, whose firing spurred Mueller’s investigation, fought encryption as FBI chief.
James Novogrod
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What we learned about Don Jr. and Ivanka in the Mueller report. Eric was there too.

Not all of President Trump’s children were named in Robert Mueller’s investigation — but most of them were.
Rex Santus
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How Russian trolls screwed with America, according to the Mueller report

Russian Internet trolls persuaded gullible Americans to do things like walk around New York City dressed as Santa Claus with a Trump mask on.
Tess Owen
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The war over the Mueller report is being waged on Facebook

Trump's re-election campaign is flooding the platform with ads falsely claiming "complete exoneration."
David Uberti