• 11.21.17

      The VICE Morning Bulletin

      Feds to scrap humanitarian protections for US Haitians, Charlie Rose accused of serial sexual misconduct, Border Patrol union attributes agent's death to ambush, and more.

    • 11.20.17

      Zimbabwe's resistance leader says Mugabe is "history"

      Change is coming in Zimbabwe as President Robert Mugabe's 37-year regime falls.

    • 11.20.17

      The VICE Morning Bulletin

      Charles Manson dead at 83, Mueller digs into James Comey's firing, Mugabe still refusing to step down, and more.

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    • 11.17.17

      The VICE Morning Bulletin

      Trump goes after Al Franken over alleged sexual misconduct, GOP wins key votes for tax bill, Russian diplomat admits to "long list" of Trump contacts, and more.

    • 11.16.17

      The VICE Morning Bulletin

      Roy Moore faces even more sexual assault allegations, California gunman allegedly killed and buried his wife, senators to unveil bipartisan gun background check bill, and more.

    • 7.29.14

      PR Firms in Britain Are Spinning Stories for Foreign Dictatorships

      Committed a human rights violation and need a positive spin? Try these guys.

    • 5.8.14

      Being a Tourist in Zimbabwe Is a Pretty Lonely Experience

      Which is a shame for President Robert Mugabe, considering he's relying on tourism to boost the country's economy.

    • 6.25.13

      Everybody Hates the New Black Panther Party

      Despite the fact that practically the whole world thinks of him as a genocidal dictator who will have to cheat his way to victory at the polls, Mugabe has received some unlikely firsthand support for his election campaign from the New Black Panther...

    • 2.21.12

      Silent Asylum

      I visited an Immigrant Removal Center to meet Jerry, a man who fled his home in dangerous Zimbabwe for England, only to get locked up in a UK detention center for four years.