See the Beauty and Brutality of Life in Afghanistan

We spoke to Steve McCurry about his new book, 'Afghanistan.'


I Got My Ass Whooped In ‘Combat Mission: Afghanistan’

Playing as the Soviets in the 1979–1989 war in Afghanistan, I stumbled into a Mujahideen boobytrap and never recovered.


If the US Doesn’t Arm Syrian Rebels, Someone Will

"I expect modern anti-aircraft weaponry soon," a Free Syrian Army commander told Motherboard.


ISIS Wants Women to Cook for Jihad

One of the many ways that ISIS has sought to spread its message and its mission is through a new women's organization called Al Zawraa—a sort of home economics institute for the wives of mujahideen.


The Islamic State (Part 3)

VICE News joined the "Hisbah" on their daily patrols during Ramadan and witnessed how they are enforcing Sharia in the caliphate.


The Islamic State (Part 2)

We meet an Islamic State member from Belgium who works to indoctrinate children into jihad.


The Odd Couple Teaming Up to Lead Afghanistan

A Columbia-educated presidential candidate is a front-runner in the elections — but it may be because of his mujahid vice-presidential pick.


Steve McCurry Photographs the Human Condition

Steve McCurry's photo, 'Afghan Girl,' appeared on the cover of 'National Geographic' in 1985 during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and quickly became one of the most famous photos in the world. He has documented the human impact of wars across...