A Sensory-Distorting Theater Experiment Invades Museum Spaces

Artists Lundahl & Seitl cut off participants' senses while guiding them through art museums.


[Video] Enter A Real-Life Enchanted Forest With Moment Factory's 'Foresta Lumina'

Inspired by folklore and fairy tales, "Foresta Lumina" is a spellbinding, multimedia-enhanced night trail that might convince you magic is real.


'Foresta Lumina' Is a Real-Life Enchanted Forest

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"SKIN" Transforms Your Emotions Into Sound And Color Through Sweat Data

The installation measures skin moisture to turn your anxiety, stress, and arousal into observable information. Clammy people take notice.


Robert Henke Performance "Lumière" Was A Sensory Thrill Ride

Henke performed his audio-visual experimental live show, followed by a performance by The Haxan Cloak.


Architectural Web Of Threads Gets Irradiated In Remarkable Audio-Visual Installation

"Line Segments Space" by Kimchi And Chips creates dynamic shapes through illuminated nylon string.


10 Years Of Mind-Bending Installations With United Visual Artists

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