Ten Things You Always Wanted to Ask a Hand Model

"People don't realize it, but it's a lot of work. You have to keep your hands stiff and hold them in one place for hours."


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Almost 500 arrested in immigration raids, Trump defends Puerto Rico response (again), ISIS leaks recording of supposedly dead leader, and more.


21 dead after Mumbai building collapses during brutal monsoon

Emergency services struggled to reach dozens of people trapped after a condemned building collapsed in Mumbai on Thursday morning,


Carefully Posed Humans Create Eye-Popping Optical Illusions to Support Pet Adoption

A cat, dog, and bunny emerge from the blank space in between these intimate family portraits.


‘We Exist’: Inside India’s Secretive Gay Nightlife Scene

Private invites, word-of-mouth parties, and discreet dating apps—India has a vibrant underground LGBTQ scene, despite its criminalization of homosexual acts.


In Search of India's Football Culture with Mumbai FC's Yellow Brigade

Cricket is king in India, while football has tended to be overlooked. Could that ever change? We spent time at Mumbai FC and spoke to an Englishman playing in the country to get a feel for India's football culture.


Stalking Cases Have More Than Doubled in Delhi

According to new data, Delhi is the stalking capital of India. A legal advocate explains what needs to be done to keep women across the country safe.


How A Wealthy Businessman Became an Artist By Painting with his Phablet

Dilip De’s first art exhibition, 'Celebration of Love,' is a series of 24 prints he painted on his Samsung Galaxy Notebook.


Massacre in India: A Man Stabbed 14 Members of His Family to Death Before Hanging Himself

Police say a 35-year-old man killed his parents and several of his sisters and their children at the family's home on the outskirts of Mumbai.


Taxi Fabric Turns Cabs into Traveling Art

Designers bring their visions to taxi interiors and completely change the experience of riding in a cab.