MUNCHIES Guide to San Francisco


Our 9 Favorite Burritos and Taquerias in San Francisco

It may look like all of these foil-wrapped gut bombs are equally amazing, but for locals, opinions run hot on who makes the one burrito to rule them all.


Here Are the Best Coffee Shops to Get Your Caffeine High in San Francisco

Bright and spacious spaces, fair-trade single-origin coffee, fast WI-FI and a surplus of outlets: whatever you're looking for, we've already found it for you.


These Are the Best Places to Grab a Cocktail in San Francisco

From pre-prohibition saloons to rum-drenched tiki bars, San Francisco is the home to every sort of cocktail bar your thirst-addled gourd could imagine.


Get Fancy at San Francisco's 19 Best Fine Dining Establishments

If you have an appetite for fancy food and a credit to match, then we’ve got the restaurant list for you.


Step Inside 98-Year-Old Hang Ah Tea Room, the Oldest Dim Sum Restaurant in America

Since 1920, generation after generation of Chinatown residents has slipped into Hang Ah Tea Room for dumplings, noodles, and tea.


Check Out San Francisco's 17 Best Places to Get Cheap Eats

San Francisco might be one of the most expensive cities in America, but these restaurants will allow you to live large on a small budget.


Our 17 Favorite Dive Bars in San Francisco

With names like Bender's, The Knockout, and Gangway, it should be pretty self-evident that SF's dive bars are all about getting faded on the cheap—and having fun.


Here Are the Best Spots for Late-Night Eats in San Francisco

Whether it's burritos, Korean and Japanese food (under one roof), or jukeboxes and donuts, you will find it in SF. You just need to know where to look—so read carefully.