I Thought Oktoberfest Would Suck, But Then I Remembered I’m a Trash Person

In theory I should have hated everything about the world’s largest beer festival, but somehow I thrived.


The Party Where Strangers Bang with Bags over Their Heads

Welcome to the Fickstutenmarkt, a.k.a. the Horse Fair.


Inside the Private Men's Club Where Women Can Only Speak When Spoken To

At Munich's Contenance Club, extravagance is key, and an annual membership costs up to about $1.3 million.


This Photographer Captured People’s Faces the Moment They Orgasm

Alina Oswald's portraits of friends and strangers climaxing are safe for work, believe it or not.


A German town built a barrier taller than the Berlin Wall to separate locals from refugees

In a suburb of Munich, some locals have come up with their own solution to the flow of migrants into Germany: erecting a 300-foot long, 13-foot tall stone partition.


Why I Went to Oktoberfest and Only Ate Fish

When you think of Oktoberfest, you probably think of bratwurst washed down with bladder-weakening steins of beer, but in Munich, things are very different.


Oktoberfest's History of Sexual Assault and Violence

Germany's celebrated weeks-long annual cultural festival and beer-drinking event has a dark side.


Why Oktoberfest's Turnout This Year Is Half of What It Used to Be

If attendance doesn’t pick up over the rest of the festival, it will mark the second year that turnout is down, in part thanks to geopolitical instability.


This Beer Maid Will Work Oktoberfest Until She Dies

Every year, photographer Sonja Herpich puts down the camera and dons a dirndl for Oktoberfest, spending 16-hour days hauling pints to rowdy tables of beer-starved revelers in Munich.


Scientists Recreated One of Our Deadliest Plagues to Understand Its Evolution

The bacterium behind the Black Death and Justinian's Plague comes back to life.


​Is America Becoming Numb to Mass Shootings?

Monday's shooting in Fort Meyers did not receive the attention one might have expected for an attack in which over a dozen mostly young people at a supposedly safe event were injured.


Munich gunman planned mall attack for one year after visiting school shooting site

Investigators also concluded that 18-year-old Ali Sonboly bought his weapon — a reactivated Glock 17 pistol — on the darknet.