Never-Before-Seen Photos of Dalí Prove His Wife Was Way More Than a Muse

Gala Dalí didn't talk publicly about their relationship, but these rare photos speak volumes.
Beckett Mufson
woman seeing woman

Lissa Rivera's Photos Defy Gender Norms

With her partner and muse, she’s creating a new visual language of gender representation.
Elyssa Goodman
Deep Ass Questions

What Is the Millennial "Stairway to Heaven?" A Battle Royale

Is it Kanye? Coldplay? Could it be... Keane?
Phil Witmer
Fandom Week

When Loving the Bands Other People Hate Is Still Worth It

Just a quick question, Chainsmokers or Nickelback superfans: why?
Tom Connick
Objectively Correct Lists

Songs to Listen to As Your Eyes Are Fried by the Eclipse

We'll see you on the dark side of the moon.
Phil Witmer
Jabbari Weekes
Coldplay Alert!

Coldplay's "A L I E N S" Is Not About Memes or the Illuminati, but It's Fine

Brian Eno is on this track, we're good.
Phil Witmer
aliens and that

A Brief History of Matt Bellamy's Brushes with Conspiracy Theories

Of course he thinks he's seen a UFO.
Lauren O'Neill
Noisey News

Oh Hell Yeah Buds, Lorde Is Playing Osheaga This Year

The only act better than her on the Montreal fest's lineup is Muse.
Phil Witmer
Eat This

Could Comfort Food Be Meditative?

You've probably abandoned your New Year's resolution by now anyway.
Patia Braithwaite

Survey On Sex at Festivals Reveals That People Are Boinking to All the Wrong Things

Who is sexing to Muse? Why? Wait, I don't want the answer.
Alex Robert Ross
The Greatest Things Of All Time

A Tribute to Muse, the Band That Mounts the World

An entirely unprompted celebration of the band that does rock music the best because they do it the dumbest.
Phil Witmer
the worst things of all time

Muse's Big Dumb Blimp Drone Crashed into Their Poor Fans at a Show

Thankfully, nobody was physically harmed.
John Hill