Museum of Arts and Design


Artist Makes Testosterone Soap and Other Paradoxical Objects

Testosterone and soap seem like they don’t mix, but Jes Fan explains why they do.


Delight in a Modern Take on 18th Century Porcelain

300-year-old porcelain manufacturer Meissen teamed up with artist Chris Antemann on a series of sculptures and decorative art objects.


This Digital Loom is More Than Just a Desktop Fabric Printer—It's the Future of DIY Fashion

An artist is developing a desktop loom to make fabric production hands on.


Waltz with the Dead at a Jamaican Dancehall-Themed Exhibition

The fashionably flamboyant works of Ebony G. Patterson rethink the value of bling.


I Took A Whiff Of New York's Most Endangered Scent

Artist Miriam Simun has created an immersive olfactory experience surrounding New York State's only federally-protected flower.