Museum of the Moving Image


This Museum Lets You Play 23 Classic Video Games from the 80s

An interactive exhibit at the Museum of Moving Image recreates the once grand youth entertainment complex.


Animated 'Mutant Leftovers' Are Gross But Mesmerizing

Thu Tran's new exhibition will make you rethink that week-old kung pao chicken.


Celebrate New York's First Internet Cat Exhibition in a Museum

Starting next week, 'How Cats Took Over the Internet' will explore and question the perpetually growing internet feline craze.


Vases Channel Buster Keaton in a Modern Take on Shadow Puppetry

Nothing is as it seems in 'Parade,' the latest installation by interactive design group Dpt., currently on display at Museum of the Moving Image's 'Sensory Stories' exhibit.


Smell-O-Vision Is Back (And Possibly the Future of Storytelling)

Chris Milk, Google Creative Labs, and more bring out the big guns to give us tomorrow's narrative experiences, today.


[Video] Jim Campbell's Sculptural LED Light Installations

In anticipation of the artist's major New York retrospective, we premiere our documentary on Jim Campbell and his illuminating body of work.


How the Museum of the Moving Image Is Getting Games Right

Finally, a museum isn't treating video games as a novelty.


The Mother Of All Supercuts: "Cut Up" Brings The Best of YouTube To The Museum

We chat with Jason Eppink, curator of new exhibition honoring remixed videos at the Museum of the Moving Image.


Drones of New York Imagines Drone Art, Not Drone Doom

Drones aren't all flying death machines.


See Peter Burr's Experiment In Live Cinema Based On Tarkovsky's Stalker

The artist’s show, Special Effect, will blend different types of media for an insane mashup performance.


A Disembodied Head Floats In The Stratosphere: Interactive Glitch Art Piece Compress Process

A creepy, enthralling video from the Dutch glitch artist Rosa Menkman.


DVD Dead Drop Opens Tonight At Museum Of The Moving Image

You can burn Aram Bartholl’s latest installation to DVD-R. In fact, that’s the only way you can experience it.