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The All-Woman Music Festival Trying to Right the Wrongs of Music Festivals

Yola Dia was chock full of women and nonbinary folks on stage, in the crowd, and behind the scenes. Will more events like it help fix the gender disparities that plague major music festivals?


Exclusive: Documents Reveal Strange Details About Canceled Woodstock 50

VICE obtained the festival's official set times, a list of banned items, and massive bills for Narcan and porta-potties.


RIP Woodstock 50, a Disaster of a Festival That Never Was

The beleaguered festival has finally, mercifully called it quits.


It's Time for Woodstock 50 to Just Give Up Already

After two rejections, organizers are applying for yet another permit to host a three-day festival in upstate New York.


A Complete Play-By-Play of How Woodstock 50 Became a Total Fiasco

From backstabbing to bill changes, here’s every bizarre thing that's turned the event into a disaster nearing Fyre Festival proportions.


Marfa Is Magic

Marfa Myths is the anti-Coachella, and at just 800 attendees, the festival is small out of necessity. But that's exactly why it's special.


Everything You Need to Know About the Mess That Is Woodstock 50

After its biggest investor said the festival was canceled, Woodstock's organizers are insisting the show will go on.


Idaho's Treefort Is Better Than the Mega-Festivals

Why I traveled all the way from Australia to Boise, Idaho in a time when the lineups for most music festivals all seem the same.


Jay-Z, Janelle Monae, and Other Reasons Woodstock 2019 Might Not Be Disastrous

The festival's 50th anniversary has a lot of past chaos to make up for, but is starting out strong with a stacked lineup.


The ACLU Is Coming for Coachella

In 2018, two Coachella attendees said that they were barred from restrooms that corresponded with their gender identities. Now, the ACLU is demanding the music festival create a written policy that is more inclusive of transgender people.


Bonnaroo 2019: Post Malone, Childish Gambino, and Lots and Lots of Phish

Three Phish sets lead a lineup for Manchester, Tennessee's long-running behemoth that includes Cardi B, Brandi Carlile, and The National.


Coachella Is Taking Steps To Prevent Sexual Assault

Coachella's new Every One initiative will include trained counselors, consent guidelines, and "safety ambassadors" at this year's festival.