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4 days ago

You Can Soon Buy Kurt Cobain’s Dirty, Smelly Cardigan From ‘MTV Unplugged’

...For the low, low price of a down payment on a house.


Gritty’s Spotify Playlist Is Glorious and Chaotic, Like Gritty

It's best suited for staring into the Philadelphia Flyers mascot's godless and unmoored eyes.


Rihanna Is Absolutely Terrified of the Navy

The Navy, aka her biggest fans, won't let Riri rest until her new album comes out.


Please Help Jared Leto Find His Missing $11,000 Gucci Head

Celebrities: They're just like us!


How Do You Protect a Witness Like 6ix9ine?

The heavily tattooed Brooklyn rapper could be going into federal protection—that is, if it's even possible for him to disappear.


Ja Rule Is Filming 'Over 40' New Music Videos, Still Won't Explain Fyre Fest

Ja is reportedly bankrolling the rerelease of all of his albums as visual albums. The only issue: no one asked for this.


No, Cardi B Isn't Beefing With Some Suburban Rapping Quadruplets

A rapping quartet of 10-year-olds isn't the most bizarre part of how Cardi B ended up having "beef" with tweens.


Prince's Autobiography 'The Beautiful Ones' Has a Heartbreaking Story Behind It

A new piece in The New Yorker by the memoir's co-writer Dan Piepenbring explains the extremely Prince-ish way he was hired.


Maya Hawke Proves That Everyone on 'Stranger Things' Is Good at Music

The actress made two beautiful folk rock songs, adding to the canon of great musical projects from the show's cast.


Foster the People Is Peddling a Conspiracy Theory About Jeffrey Epstein's Death

Epstein reportedly died by suicide on Saturday, but the band insists he's "on a private plane to somewhere in the Middle East getting prepped for plastic surgery."


Watch Beto O'Rourke Talk About That Time He Was In a Punk Band...Again

Did you know the former Texas congressman was once in a band with a member of At the Drive-In? He sure won't let you forget!


RIP Woodstock 50, a Disaster of a Festival That Never Was

The beleaguered festival has finally, mercifully called it quits.