music piracy

music piracy

You Could Be Kicked Offline For Piracy If This Music Industry Lawsuit Succeeds

And the evidence “proving” your guilt could be little more than fluff and nonsense.
Karl Bode
Longreads Or Whatever

How a Kid Running an Obscure Music Forum Became the Target Of the UK's Biggest Ever Piracy Case

From his bedroom in North East England, Kane Robinson ran a music forum for 12,000 enthusiastic indie fans. But did a uni student with no prior convictions really deserve two years in prison?
Joe Zadeh

The Man Who Found the Man Who Broke the Music Business

Stephen Witt, author of 'How Music Got Free,' on finding the patient zero of album leaks. Or, as Witt describes him, "the guy who destroyed the music industry to afford to put souped-up rims on his car."
Zach Sokol
Searching for Music at the AVNs

A Conversation About Online Piracy with the Guy Who Wants You to Pay for Porn

Spoiler alert: just like you should pay for your music, you should pay for your porn.
Drew Millard
Thinkpieces And Shit

Censorship and Piracy Are Threatening the Future of Beijing's Indie Rock Scene

Local hype band Nova Heart tell us how a DIY attitude could help navigate the shitstorm.
Jamie Fullerton
Motherboard Blog

Yup, Leaking Albums Can Still Get You Arrested

A Spanish man could face up to four years in jail for copyright infringement, without even successfully selling any copies.
Ben Richmond
Motherboard Blog

Neither Amateurs Nor Pirates Ruined the Music Business

The truth is that the suits are losing control, and they just have to learn to deal with it.
DJ Pangburn