Música urbana


Nino Augustine Is Bringing Música Urbana Back to It’s Panamanian Roots

Today, the New York label APOCALIPSIS is sharing his brilliant new single and video, "Agua."


American Media Still Doesn’t Get Música Urbana

The 'New York Times Magazine''s failure to recognize Spanish language hip-hop and pop in its "25 Songs That Matter" feature underscores the media's misunderstanding of a major movement.


The Grammys Buried Latin Trap

In spite of Camila Cabello's splashy "Havana" opener, at the Grammys it was as if the last year or so of Billboard Hot 100 hit-making by Latin American artists hadn’t happened.


The Guide to Getting Into Daddy Yankee, One of the Greatest Rappers Ever

Whether over a dancehall riddim, a dembow loop, or a boom bap beat, Daddy Yankee is truly a G.O.A.T. emcee—full stop, no Spanish-language consideration or otherwise marginalizing categorization needed.