mental health

The Music Industry Should Follow This Label’s Mental Health Initiative

Royal Mountain Records’ pledge to extend benefits to its artists is a big deal.
Brad Garcia

This Is What LSD Does to a Musician’s Creative Process

When melodies mimic the arc of an acid trip, the result can be some really adventurous music.
Suzannah Weiss
Holy Shit

New Broken Social Scene Video Features a Toilet, a Metaphor for the Ages

But whom is flushing the entertainers away?
Sarah MacDonald
fine art

An Art Punk Legend Rises Again with Two Posthumous Shows

Artist and Suicide frontman Alan Vega left behind a treasure trove of art and photography. See it at two new exhibitions and in a special new vinyl sleeve.
DJ Pangburn

Jeff Goldblum Is a Silver-Haired Light in a Dark World

Goldblum finds a way...into my heart.
Jill Krajewski

Freddie Gibbs Opens Up on the Premiere of 'THE THERAPIST'

On the first episode of the new VICELAND show, the rapper shares a challenging part of his past with Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh.
VICE Staff

Intricate Collages Turn Everyday Detritus into Iconic Portraits

Brazilian artist Christian Pierini immortalizes his favorite pop culture icons using the stuff that surrounds him.
Andrew Nunes

Why Do We Assume Good Musicians Are Good People?

Chuck Berry's death has reignited familiar questions over how far critics should go in the impulse to conflate a musician’s work and character.
Drew Millard
Avant-Garde Music

[Premiere] Watch Piano Hacker Hauschka Program a Self-Playing Piano

Self-playing piano meets hip-hop as the "prepared piano" pioneer shows how he made his latest track “Constant Growth Fails.”
Kevin Holmes

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Putin apparently wants Microsoft out of Russia, a US gas price hike is expected after a deadly pipeline explosion in Alabama, Assad plans to rule Syria until at least 2021, and more.
VICE Staff
The Music Issue

We Asked Our Favorite Musicians a Few Personal Questions

Here's what Public Access TV, Sunflower Bean, Fat Tony, and others had to say about the last time they lied, the most annoying things in the world, and the most common misconception about them.
VICE Staff
The Music Issue

Artists' Odes to Their Favorite Musicians

We asked some of the our favorite photographers to create shrines to their favorite musicians. From Madonna to Chumbawumba, Eurhythmics to Morrissey, these were the results.
Signe Pierce; Lauren Poor; Aileen Son; Paul Mpagi S