Muslim Americans


The End of DACA Is the Latest Nightmare for Undocumented Muslims

Muslims who benefited from protection for young people brought to the US illegally as kids feel as if they're under a unique kind of siege.
Aviva Stahl

What It’s Like to Protest Trump as a Muslim

It's a lot more complicated when you aren't in the majority.
Beenish Ahmed

Why Do People Fake Hate Crimes?

Donald Trump's election unleashed a wave of (very real) hate across America, but some people are still inventing violent crimes of prejudice. What gives?
E.J. Graff

Dear Students: A Letter from Your Muslim American Teacher

All the things I should've told my students about being a Muslim and a woman and an American.
Zaina Arafat

Hope, Fear, and Rage: Muslim Americans React to the Election

"I'm not going to resign myself to defeat. We're going to do something to change this."
Shahirah Majumdar
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Feds Accused of Profiling Muslim Americans in Pre-Election Terrorism Probe

Muslims from eight states said they were interviewed by the FBI about possible connections to al Qaeda in response to unconfirmed terror threats in the lead-up to Election Day.
Lauren Messman
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Khizr Khan Is Back in a New Campaign Ad for Hillary Clinton

"I want to ask Mr. Trump, would my son have a place in your America?"
Lauren Messman
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Ex-Republican Muslims Explain Why They Left the Party Behind

"When I go to the Muslim community I don't feel like I'm totally embraced because I'm a Republican, and when I hang out with Republicans I don't feel like I fit in there."
Luke Winkie

What It's Like to Be Gay and Muslim in America

Double or triple minorities, LGBTQ Muslims struggle with discrimination in many forms—and Orlando might make it worse.
Edward Wyckoff Williams

'Batman v Superman' Is Actually a Good Depiction of the American Muslim Experience

The much hated-on superhero flick portrays an ugly, fractured America—one that's familiar to Muslims like me.
Kaleem Aftab

How America's Muslims Have Handled 15 Years of Post-9/11 Islamophobia

Dearborn, Michigan, has been the target of anti-Islamic sentiment since 9/11, but in reality, it is the model of a peaceful community where people of various faiths live alongside one another without conflict.
Sarah Harvard

Here Are All the Ways Canadians Are Denouncing Donald Trump

Some people are demanding his name be removed from buildings, while others are circulating a petition to ban him from Canada entirely.
Manisha Krishnan