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What’s the Right Way to Deal With a Racist?

Jagmeet Singh’s reaction to a heckler has been a viral sensation, but some people of color think the praise has been telling.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump promises to pull out of the TransPacific Partnership, Kanye West is hospitalized, and more.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Eight out of ten Trump supporters think paying taxes is a civic duty, a judge dismisses a lawsuit over police tactics in Ferguson, the NRA responds to the Kardashian robbery with sarcastic tweets, and more.


Drinking Alcohol Is Always an Open Secret in Egypt

Egypt has been brewing beer for 3,000 years, but the highly religious country still has an under-the-table relationship with alcohol. Even some members of the Muslim Brotherhood buy booze on the down-low.


Exclusive: After Canada Threatened to Deport Him, the Grandson of Hamas Founder Wins Sanctuary in US

John Calvin believes he'd be killed if he were sent back to Palestine because he's come out as gay, converted to Christianity, and renounced the militant organization that his grandfather co-founded.


Egypt Sentences Muslim Brotherhood Leader to Life in Prison and Eight Others to Death

Spiritual leader Mohammed Badie and 35 others were found guilty for their alleged involvement in violent clashes that took place after the ouster of former President Mohammed Morsi in 2013.


Islamic State Claims Attack That Killed Eight Police in a Cairo Suburb

Egypt's government is facing an insurgency that has killed hundreds of soldiers and policemen, mostly in northern Sinai, since mid-2013, when President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi took power.


An Egyptian Court Just Sentenced Two Al Jazeera Journalists to Death on Espionage Charges

Six people, including the two Al Jazeera journalists, were sentenced for allegedly leaking classified information to Qatar.


Egypt Cracks Down Hard to Prevent Protests on Anniversary of 2011 Revolution

Egyptian security forces have conducted raids, clamped down on social media, and blocked roads to Tahrir Square ahead of the fifth anniversary of the revolution on January 25.


Islamic State vs. Revolutionary Punishment: Terror Groups Vie to Claim Egypt Bombing

After a bomb blast ripped apart an apartment building in Giza outside of Cairo, the government was quick to blame the Muslim Brotherhood, but both the Islamic State and a militant group called Revolutionary Punishment claimed responsibility.


Egyptian Judge Postpones Trial Because 739 Defendants Won't Fit Inside Courtroom Cage

Police said they would be unable to move the defendants, who are among thousands rounded up at a protest site in August 2013, from prison to the courthouse because cage expansion works had stalled.


Egypt’s Youth Ignore the Election and Vote With Their Feet

Plagued by unemployment and hoping to leave a stagnant Egypt to work abroad, young people couldn't care less about an election where only one eligible Egyptian in four voted.