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This French City Closed Its Pools During a Heat Wave Because Some Women Wore Burkinis

Temperatures in Grenoble hit 100 degrees, but the city would rather close the public pools than let women swim in full-coverage swimsuits.


To Swear In, Ilhan Omar Lands in Airport Where She First Arrived as a Refugee

Incoming Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar flew into the DC airport on her way to take her oath of office first Somali-American refugee elected to Congress.


The Rules of Congress Are Changing With Its Members

As Congress becomes more diverse, many of its longstanding rules—like a ban on religious headwear—are starting to change.


The Photos Challenging What a Muslim Woman Should Look Like

Catching up with Canadian photographer Alia Youssef at her first exhibition of 'The Sisters Project.'


After Far-Right Attacks, Muslim Candidate Commits to Fighting 'Politics of Fear'

Ilhan Omar fended off attacks from far-right activist Laura Loomer the weekend before her primary in Minnesota's 5th congressional district.


Rashida Tlaib Will Likely Be the First Muslim Congresswoman

After winning her primary in Michigan, progressive candidate Rashida Tlaib got one step closer to becoming the first Muslim and first Palestinian-American woman to serve in Congress


4 Women in Tuesday's Primaries Who Could Go On to Make Congress History

Primaries in Missouri, Kansas, and Michigan could send the first Muslim woman, first Black woman, and first Indigenous woman to Congress in November.


Muslim Artists Create Illustrated Tributes to their Muslim Heroines

To celebrate Muslim Women's Day, we asked Muslim artists from around the world to illustrate and reflect on a Muslim woman who inspires them.


Woman Says She Was Fined a 'Cleaning Fee' for Swimming in Burkini

The owner of a pool at a private residence in Southern France reportedly charged a woman 490 euros as a cleaning fee for wearing her burkini in the pool.


Two Hijabi Girls on How the Headscarf Ban Is Disrupting Their Lives

Since 2004, Muslim girls in France have been prohibited from wearing their headscarves to school. We spoke to two hijabi French girls about how this affects their lives both inside and outside the classroom.


Inside the Tight-Knit World of Muslim Women in Combat Sports

Instagrammer and kickboxer Sara Kawthar asks the question: "How far can we push the idea of what it means to be a strong woman?"


The Black Muslim Activist Tearing Down the Boundaries Around Womanhood

Blair Imani gained national attention when she was arrested in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, at a protest. As the executive director of her own activist organization, she fights every day for feminine people, whether they are trans or cis women, non-binary...