My Favorite Soundtrack

My Favorite Soundtrack

The ‘Pi’ Soundtrack Is Still a Classic Darren Aronofsky Sonic Headfuck

Twenty years on, the number-obsessed movie has just as powerful a musical mix of the intelligent and the insane.
Kyle MacNeill
My Favorite Soundtrack

Reflecting on the Donnie Darko Soundtrack, An Opera of Teenage Angst

Fifteen years after the release of Richard Kelly’s cult classic, we take a look at how its musical backdrop became so culturally and emotionally significant.
Francisco Garcia
My Favorite Soundtrack

'Top Gun' Still Kicks Ass and So Does the Soundtrack

On the 30th anniversary of Tom Cruise's most iconic role, one writer looks back at the glory of "Danger Zone," "You've Lost That Loving Feeling," and, of course, "Take My Breath Away."
Yung Costanza
My Favorite Soundtrack

My Favorite Soundtrack: Dirty Dancing

You'll... have... the time of your liiiife!
Elliott Sharp
My Favorite Soundtrack

My Favorite Soundtrack: Repo Man

"It happens sometimes. People just explode. Natural causes."
J Bennett
My Favorite Soundtrack

My Favorite Soundtrack: Less than Zero

It only looks (and sounds) like the good life.
J Bennett
My Favorite Soundtrack

My Favorite Soundtrack: 'Detroit Rock City'

We can all agree that Gene Simmons is an asshole but the soundtrack for 'Detroit Rock City' is a stone cold classic.
John Hill
My Favorite Soundtrack

My Favorite Soundtrack: 'Django Unchained'

In between all of the white people being shot, there are some pretty killer tunes.
Sameer Rao
My Favourite Soundtrack

The Lost in Translation Soundtrack Makes me Pine for Every Stranger I Was Too Scared to Give my Number To

Coppola's choice of songs will turn anyone into an emotional sap capable of actual feelings.
Aurora Mitchell

My Favorite Soundtrack: 'SubUrbia'

The 1996 Giovanni Ribisi film is not good, it's not bad, it's just depressing. Killer songs though.
Paul Blest