Myrtle Beach


TSA Just Busted an 80-Year-Old Woman with a Sword in Her Cane

The South Carolina woman said she didn't even know it was in there.


The Grueling Lives of Foreign Students Who Spend Summers Working in America

They go to the best universities in their home countries. But in America, they're just "the help."


The Masters of Miniature Golf

Miniature golf is its own sport and it goes way deeper than you think.


Watch Transphobia Fuel an Angry, Violent Mob in Myrtle Beach

In a short new film by Alli Coates, performance artist Signe Pierce saunters through a touristy boardwalk in South Carolina dressed in stripper garb. She's propositioned, berated, and ultimately attacked.


Black Bike Week

Once a year the traffic in South Carolina comes to a standstill as the streets fill with brightly customized sports bikes, with their riders taking advantage of the state’s "no helmet" law to perform burnouts and stunts up and down the main strip along...


Girl Gangs, Ass Clapping, and Male Strippers at Black Bike Week

Every May, Myrtle Beach is overrun with strippers, prostitutes, and gangs of kids on sports bikes, all congregating for a five-day party called Black Bike Week. Weirdly, that hasn't gone down too well with the town's authorities.