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We Finally Know Why Garfield Phones Washed Up on French Beaches for 30 Years

Since the 1980s hundreds of phones featuring the likeness of our favorite Monday-hatin’ cat washed up in France and no one knew why.
Mack Lamoureux

Mysterious Hole Shooting Out Flames in Arkansas Is Definitely ‘Not Satan,’ Officials Say

Officials don't know what caused flames to fly out of the Midway Fire Hole.
Samantha Cole
Science Solved It

To Solve a Medical Mystery, This Doctor Drank Live Bacteria

Dr. Barry Marshall swallowed helicobacter pylori to prove it was the cause of a common ailment.
Kaleigh Rogers
Science Solved It

Where the Devil's Kettle 'Waterfall to Nowhere' Really Goes

It turns out the water doesn’t disappear at all.
Kaleigh Rogers
Science Solved It

After Hundreds of Years, We’ve Finally Figured Out How These Flies Can Swim Underwater

Alkali flies have been a fixture of Mono Lake, California for hundreds of years, but scientists only recently unravelled the secret of their aquatic abilities.
Kaleigh Rogers
urban legends

Five Obscure Urban Legends That Turned Out to Be True-ish

Bunny Man! Catman! Green Man!
Luke Winkie
Science Solved It

The Mystery of the Kentucky 'Meat Shower'

A “meat shower” is exactly what it sounds like, but it turns out there’s a pretty simple, likely explanation for what caused it.
Kaleigh Rogers

Poop is Raining From the Sky in Canada, and the Government Says It's Not Planes

Is this the crappiest government cover-up ever?
Jordan Pearson
Science Solved It

Meat Rain, Blood Waterfalls, and Chemtrails Star in the Second Season of Our Podcast

Science Solved It returns Tuesday, June 26 with all new episodes.
Kaleigh Rogers

I Was Anonymously Sent a Microwave and I'm Creeped Out But Delighted

A microwave isn't a necessity, but if a little white Westinghouse mysteriously arrives at your doorstep, you quickly realize the luxury of owning such an appliance.
Allie Volpe

Amelia Earhart Likely Died on Nikumaroro, Study Finds

Bones recovered on the remote Pacific island are more similar to Earhart than "99 percent of individuals in a large reference sample."
Becky Ferreira

A Hacker Returned $17 Million In Stolen Ethereum

Why would a thief return their spoils?
Jordan Pearson