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Stunning Nail Art Explodes Off the Pages of This Photo Book

'Paint & Polish' explores the intimacy and economics of nail art.
Kelsey Lannin

Fast Food is Full of "Plasticizers" Used for Shower Curtains and Nail Polish

A recent study found a direct link between fast food consumption and a group of chemicals called phthalates, also referred to as plasticizers.
Nick Rose

The Nailbot: It'll Paint Your Nails and Teach You Tech

We talk with creator Pree Walia about Nailbot, the smartphone-controlled device that will paint your nails for you.
Giaco Furino

Nail Polish Paintings Radiate Social Media's Alien Glow

Louisa Gagliardi’s 'La Belle Heure' series follows a couple into the night, where intimacy is hindered by the smartphone’s glow.
Alyssa Buffenstein
The Blobby Boys & Friends

Blobby Girls

Alex Schubert joined a cult and we rescued him back, but the deprogramming is taking FOREVER. Until he's back to his old shitty self, his comic is being guest-drawn by others. This week, artist Penelope Gazin does her feminine take on the Blobby Boys.
Penelope Gazin

The Problems with 'Anti-Date Rape' Tech

A nail polish that changes color when your drink has been spiked isn't empowering.
Victoria Turk

Everyone's Losing Their Shit About a Nail Polish That Detects Date Rape Drugs

Rapists will always exist. Equipping people with the tools to better look after themselves is not the same as victim-blaming or advising them to take “preventative measures.”
Bertie Brandes

David Lynch's CGI Nail Polish Ad Is Unsurprisingly Surreal

In 50 seconds, Lynch brings viewers through outer space and a sea of kaleidoscopic makeup.
Zach Sokol
Motherboard Blog

Glitter Nail Polish Won't Stop People Snooping in Your Data

But it will at least let you know if they have.
Victoria Turk