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The US Opposed a UN Plan to Study Geoengineering to Combat Climate Change

A proposal to study the risks and current state of geoengineering technologies failed to materialize at a UN assembly this week.
Sarah Emerson
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Watch the Emotional First Clip from the Final Season of 'Parts Unknown'

W. Kamau Bell remembers his unforgettable trip to Kenya in our first look at the show since Bourdain's death.
Drew Schwartz
The September Stories Issue

These Kenyan Grandmothers Are Learning to Fight Back Against Rapists

In some of their country's slums, self-defense is the only option.
Nadja Wohlleben

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Obama is set to endorse Clinton, NASA made it to Jupiter, France is considering a new intelligence service, and more.
Vice Beta

Meet the Man Kenyans Call 'Mr. Rabbit'

With no personal wealth or degrees beyond a basic high school education, Moses Mutua has managed to create a market for rabbit meat—a once unknown commodity in Kenya—and to control virtually all of it.
Diana Hubbell

These Artisanal Cheese Producers Are Making a Difference in Kenya

Brown's Cheese started as an exercise in independence 35 years ago, and now it's one of the only artisanal cheesemaking operations in East Africa, churning out mascarpone, feta, cheddar, Camembert, Brie, halloumi, Parmesan, and more.
Diana Hubbell
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Kenya Fans Riot in Nairobi After Controversial Goal Call, Stop Play for Thirty Minutes

Police fired tear gas into the stands in Nairobi.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Nairobi's Boxgirls Fight Back

Broadly spends a day with Nairobi’s Boxgirls to find out how the sport of boxing has armed the community's women with a way to fight back against sexual violence.
Broadly Staff

How a Man Named Dr. Crocodildo Brought Sex Toys to Kenya

In a country where pornography is illegal and obscenity is closely monitored, Peter Karanja a.k.a. Dr. Crocodildo saw a business opportunity.
Hannah McNeish

Somalia: The Fight Against al Shabaab

Simon Ostrovsky traveled to Somalia to learn how the militant group al Shabaab evolved from a localized threat to a regional one.​
VICE Staff

A Proper Maasai Wedding Starts with a Cup of Fresh Cow's Blood

On the morning of my friend's wedding in Nairobi, I watched as Maasai tribesmen wrestled a steer to the ground and slit its throat. It would become the centerpiece of the wedding feast, but not before we drank its blood.
Aaron Kase

The New Movie 'Stories of Our Lives' Dispels the Myths Fueling Kenya's Homophobia

The Nairobi-based arts collective the Nest created an anthology of short films that was recently shown at the Toronto International Film Festival.
Michael-Oliver Harding