Naked People


Naked Man Who Flashed Female Runners Caught Thanks to Gummy Candies

The man was apparently eating handfuls of Haribo candies in between bouts of exposing his own 'gummy worm' to strangers.
Jelisa Castrodale
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Lykke Li Started a Supergroup and Their First Video Is Full of Nudists

Swedish pop fans unite! This supergroup contains Lykke Li plus members of Miike Snow and Peter Bjorn and John.
Noisey Staff

The Reality Show That Puts People on First Dates in Their Underwear

You would think being mostly undressed would make a first date easier, wouldn't you? You would be wrong.
Joel Golby
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Naked Man Crashes Through Ceiling, Proceeds to Completely Destroy Vacationing Family’s Home

How is it even possible for one naked man to inflict so much damage?
Jake Kivanc

Here's a Picture of a Naked Guy On a Beach Taken By a Drone (NSFW)

For long-distance dick pics, telephoto lenses still top drones.
Jason Koebler

The Art of Taboo - Ren Hang

Since being a radical artist in China is such a tricky prospect, you would think that photographer Ren Hang would lay off filling his portfolio with gaping buttholes and models pissing on each other. But he hasn't, which is a good thing.
VICE Japan

Odessa Is a Paradise

According to photographer Tchane Okuyan, "Odessa resembles a huge beach party, or a big orgy. The nightclubs are near the sea, the alcohol is very cheap, the girls are beautiful, and they'll fuck you for a few glasses of champagne…" That sounds like...
Tchane Okuyan
The Sprinkles of the Sandman Issue


"Bedu" completes Jim Mangan's trilogy on the subject of rebirth, which includes "Winter's Children," used in the VICE June 2010 issue, and "Color'd," used as the cover and feature in the VICE 2011 Photo Issue.
Jim Mangan
Question Of The Day

Which Celebrity Do You Want to See Naked?

This one is pretty straightforward. We asked a bunch of people who they would most like to see naked.
VICE Staff