People Can Guess Your Name Based on How You Look

When a child receives a first name, it comes loaded with a number of social expectations, inferences, and interactions.
Anne-Laure Sellier
Vice News Tonight

Greece and Macedonia are fighting over the right to use the name "Macedonia"

Macedonia wants to join the EU and NATO, but Greece won't allow it until the naming dispute is solved.
Andrew Potter
Hind Hassan

The Only Way Britain Can Process Kanye West Is Via e-Petitions

Kanye West is too American for Brits to deal with. The only way they can cope is through petitions.
Joel Golby

There Are Far More People Named Hitler Than You'd Think

In his new documentary Meet the Hitlers, director Matt Ogens—the guy behind Confessions of a Superhero—explores just how much a name can influence an identity.
VICE Staff

Henry Hargreaves's Photos of Cell Phones Engraved with Military Messages

During the Vietnam War, nearly all US soldiers carried a Zippo lighter. As the soldiers were initially forbidden from modifying the exteriors of their uniforms, they would use engrave their lighters to express their feelings and sentiments.
Henry Hargreaves

10 Potential DJ Names for Kate Middleton

Step 1. Battle-scratch lessons. Step 2. Official DJ Name. Let's do this, Your Majesty!
Lauren Schwartzberg
Sothern Exposure

Remnants of War and Peace in People's Park

It's 1986 and I'm in People’s Park, Berkeley, California. I’m photographing the remnants of the late 1960s, a time when tripping hippies and protesting students made national news. Drugs are still here but no longer synonymous with enlightenment. There...
Scot Sothern
Motherboard Blog

How the World Wide Web Wasn't Named "The Information Mine"

What's in a nerdy name?
Motherboard Blog

Ones and Zeros: God Particles, GDP and Penile Length

_It looks like particle colliders are finding more and creating apocalyptic black holes less_ h3. One: "God Particle, Dark Matter, Secrets Of the Universe: CERN To Hold Major Press Conference Monday":
Ones Zeros

I Shot My Dick Off in Vietnam

Having fully intact genitals is something most of us take for granted. But some people, like Jim, are not so lucky. Jim accidentally shot off most of his penis while serving as a soldier in Vietnam. He was 18 at the time, and has since struggled with...
Karley Sciortino
The Horse's Ass Issue

Pig Ink

Artist Wim Delvoye is into giving tattoos to pigs. (No point in trying to figure out a fancy way to say it, really. The guy tattoos pigs.)
Jonathon West, Wim Delvoye