Naomi Klein

The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Naomi Klein Explains How the Rise of Trump and Sanders Proves She Was Right All Along

"Anger has to go somewhere," she explains. "When things don't work the left traditionally blames big power, while the right blames immigrants."
Julian Morgans

Canada’s Social Democratic Party Votes to Oust Their Leader and Swerve Left

Canada's NDP voted 52 percent in favour of getting rid of party leader Thomas Mulcair, in favour of picking a new chief.
Justin Ling and James Wilt

Naomi Klein and Jeremy Corbyn: COP21 - Climate Emergency (Dispatch 5)

VICE News meets Naomi Klein and Jeremy Corbyn and finds out what this new international climate justice movement has in store for the end of the summit.

This Bleak Documentary Clip Brings Home the Daily Reality of Smog in China

A clip from "This Changes Everything," which connects our polluted world to the economies that caused it.
Rachel Pick

Johann Hari Wants To Change Everything You Know About Drugs

"The drug war distorts how we think about drugs themselves. You might put on Facebook, 'I had a great bottle of wine last night', but you'd be foolish to put 'I had a great line of coke last night'."
Alan Weedon
tipping point

Thousands March in Toronto, Urge Canada to Turn Away From a Fossil Fuel Economy

The rally was timed to bring attention to the cause ahead of this week's Climate Summit of the Americas in Toronto, this fall's Canadian federal election and the highly-anticipated UN Paris climate talks in November.
Hilary Beaumont and Rachel Browne

Having Cryptic Conversations About Encrypted Graphics at Rosa Menkman’s New Show

A conversation about "resolutions" at the 'Institutions of Resolution Disputes [iRD],' which opened last Saturday night at Transfer Gallery in Brooklyn.
Sophia Callahan

Tens of Thousands Take to the Streets of London Demanding Action on Climate Change

The march comes ahead of a UK general election in May and international climate talks in Paris at the end of the year.
Kayleen Devlin

How to Get People Talking About Climate Change

Climate change denial is mercifully rare, with those who enjoy second-guessing scientific opinion from a position of ignorance in a dwindling minority. But it's still an inconvenient truth even for those who believe in it.
Adam Corner

Naomi Klein on New York Protests: 'What We're Seeing Is the Birth of a New Climate Movement'

The social activist and author spoke to VICE News about civil disobedience, benevolent billionaires, and the importance of the People’s Climate March, where thousands of protestors assembled ahead of the UN climate summit.
Alice Speri

'For the Value and Image of Our Brand': Red Bull's Audacious German Soccer Plot

Red Bull owns a team in the German soccer system that's turning heads, but the corporation is catching heat for their plan to take over the Bundesliga.
Jack Kerr