Vineyard Owner Sues Google Over Negative Reviews Calling the Winery a 'Toilet'

The reviews also describe the wine as tasting like "geriatric vagina."
Jelisa Castrodale
Wine Country

How the California Wildfires Have Devastated Wine Country

"This was literally a hurricane of fire. This global warming sh*t is getting real."
Mayukh Sen

A 'Boiling River of Wine' Flows Out of the Napa Wildfire Devastation

The owner of one winery destroyed by the fires shared a video of the strange phenomenon with MUNCHIES.
Nick Rose

Deadly California Wildfire Forces Widespread Evacuations

At least ten people are dead and thousands more have been forced to flee their homes in Northern California.
Alexa Liautaud
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Win a Pair of Tickets to Visit CA Wine Country and See Big Bands at BottleRock Festival

We're teaming with Williams Sonoma to give away a trip to Napa Valley for two.
Munchies Staff
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This Easy Turkey Pozolé Recipe Will Make You Feel Warm and Alive

Aside from wearing a Snuggie all winter, is there anything on Earth more comforting than a hearty bowl of homemade pozolé?
Munchies Staff

The Only Way to Make an In-N-Out Burger Better Is to Deep-Fry It

There is no better way to warm up a cold In-N-Out burger. All the veggies remain crisp. It remains neat, and the entire thing is surprisingly light.
Sean O’Toole

The Joys and Disappointments of a Three-Michelin-Starred Christmas Dinner

For 12 days out of the year, The Restaurant at Meadowood celebrates Christmas by bringing a different chef from around the world each day to cook dinner. Sometimes the meals fail, other times the meals swell in your imagination for years
John Birdsall

Clementine Needs a Fix in This Week's 'Habits' Comic

There's only one thing left to do when you've already picked through the ashtray.
Lauren Monger
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Guy's Headache Turned Out to be a Deadly Worm Lodged in His Brain

If the doctors had waited another 30 minutes to perform emergency surgery, he probably would've died.
Michael Cuby

Orange Wine Isn't Made Out of Oranges

They aren’t refreshing, but they aren’t cozy sweaters. They’re earthy and funky and savory, but oddly still feel like you could drink them on a warm day.
Marissa A. Ross

Getting Blazed with a Napa Valley Master Cooper

At the Seguin Moreau cooperage in California's Napa Valley, a man named Douglas Rennie is hammering away at oak barrels—just as he has for the last 24 years. Rennie is a master cooper, keeping the ancient art of wine barrel-making alive.
Hillary Eaton