How to Bartend When Your City Is Run by the Mob

I’d always joke to coworkers whenever a fight started, “Oh good! There’s wrestling on TV tonight.”
Dario D’Avino
mount vesuvius

Researchers Show How Mount Vesuvius Eruption Vaporized Blood and Exploded Skulls

Hundreds of people in the town of Herculaneum took cover from the eruption in boat-houses. Their bones tell a gruesome story.
Becky Ferreira

I Traveled to Naples to Trace the Roots of the Dollar Slice

Listless youths and hopeless drunks worldwide have the pizzaiolos of 19th-century Naples to thank for giving the world the dollar slice.
Terrence Doyle

$2.9 Million Pizza-Making Robot Is Still Struggling to Make a Pizza

Will a pizza taste as good if made by a soulless android? Time to find out!
Jelisa Castrodale
the magic of el diego

Our Darling, Our Diego: How Naples Fell in Love With Maradona

It is often taken as a truism that no man is bigger than the club, but Diego Maradona's stint at Napoli challenges this. During a glorious and at times chaotic seven years in Naples, Maradona brought a whole city under his spell.
Mike Meehall Wood

Marseille Is Heaven for Real-Deal Pizza

Instead of asking a Marseillais where he or she eats bouillabaisse, ask them instead where to find the best pizza—you won’t be disappointed, as everyone has a favorite spot.
Sirine Azouaoui

World's Oldest Opera House Will Host Lifetime Tribute to...Diego Maradona?

The Teatro di San Carlo in Naples will put on a tribute for Argentinian legend Diego Maradona, who spent seven years with Napoli.
Joseph Flynn
Longreads Or Whatever

The Dark and Eccentric World of Neapolitan Pop

With a story that veers from the Mafia to Silvio Berlusconi, this is how a genre born from Italy's poorest suburbs became the most controversial sound in the country.
Jamie Mackay

Deep-Fried Pizza Has Arrived in LA

Montanara became an official thing in Italy after World War II when firewood for pizza was scarce but plenty of lard was around. At its very best, you might not be able to taste that the dough was fried at all.
Javier Cabral

The Mafia Is Alive, Well, and Controlling Bread Prices in Italy

The police allege that bread retailers of all sizes, whether a street vendor or a supermarket, have had to buy their bread from bakeries tied to the Camorra Mafia for years.
Wyatt Marshall

Naples Is Trying to Make the World’s Longest Pizza

The people of Naples are planning to make a two-kilometer-long pizza. That’s a pizza that is one mile and a quarter long.
Alex Swerdloff

Italian Cops Busted a Mob Boss by Disguising Themselves as Pizza Delivery Guys

On Saturday night, Italian polizei dressed up as pizza delivery boys busted a boss in the infamous Camorra family in Naples, arresting him while dropping off some ‘za that he planned on enjoying while watching a soccer game.
Wyatt Marshall