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Colin Kaepernick Unveils #IMWITHKAP Jersey, With Proceeds Going to Charity

Twenty percent of sales of the new jersey will be donated to Kaepernick's Know Your Rights Camp, which educates youth about interacting with law enforcement.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Republican County Secretary Resigns After Calling Kneeling NFL Players "Baboons"

In since-deleted Facebook posts, Beaver County Republican Committee secretary Carla Maloney also wrote, “You don’t like it here go to Africa see how you like it there."
Liam Daniel Pierce

Why Won't Donald Trump Sing All the Words to 'God Bless America'?

Trump's Patriotism Party to Shame Philadelphia featured the President not singing along to a fairly standard song. Could it be that he doesn't know the lyrics?
Sean Newell

San Jose Sharks Fans Boo During Anthem, Make Singer Screw Up Lyrics

Las Vegas Knights fans have a tradition where they yell "Knights" during a portion of the Star Spangled Banner. Sharks fans don't want any part of it.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Let’s Show Support for the NFL Kneelers After Trump Blasted Them During His SOTU

Activists push back on the president's blatant attacks against athletes protesting for racial equality.
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Quavo Heard Your Pleas for a New National Anthem

Young Thug also released his own tribute to MLK and America on the same night.
Phil Witmer
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Martin Luther King's Daughter Defends the New Yorker's Controversial Colin Kaepernick Cover

The publication's cover story equates the civil rights struggle of the '60s with the activism of NFL athletes today.
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Please Rise for Trump's Bizarre Rendition of the National Anthem

Low energy!
River Donaghey
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Here is a Song Called 'Take a Knee, My Ass (I Won't Take a Knee)'

A country artist named Neal McCoy released a real song with those real words as the title.
Sean Newell

Five Cheerleaders Kneeled for the Anthem: 'The Scariest Thing I've Ever Done'

A group of cheerleaders at Kennesaw State University in Georgia kneeled for the anthem in late September. Like Colin Kaepernick, their lives have since changed forever.
Zack Huffman
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How People Around the World are Supporting the NFL Protests

Your guide to what’s working, what’s not and what you can do about it.
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Can Roger Goodell Please Just Say the Word 'Racism' Already?

The NFL commissioner sent a letter to owners regarding the national anthem protesst. It is, like everything else the league does, horseshit.
Sean Newell