National Assembly


There Was a Lot of Yelling During the First Session of Venezuela’s New Congress

Tuesday's heated inauguration of the first opposition-controlled Congress in Venezuela since President Hugo Chávez took office in 1999 suggested tense times ahead as the country's economy struggles.
Victor Amaya

Venezuela's President Says He Will 'Never Allow' the Opposition to Win Sunday's Vote

Sunday's legislative election is a key test for both President Maduro and the ruling party's 16-year hold on power that has never faced as strong a challenge before.
Alicia Hernández

How FEMEN Quebec's Topless Stunt Happened and What it Means for North America’s Only Sextremist Group

VICE was granted insider access to the group's planning and execution of a topless protest at Canada's National Assembly against a law that could restrict abortion access in the country.
Brigitte Noël and Sofi Langis

France Is Cracking Down on Websites That Promote 'Thinspiration' and Anorexia

As France’s parliament studies new public health legislation, the country’s deputies have moved to ban pro-anorexia websites and the use of unacceptably underweight models.
Matthieu Jublin

Venezuela Denies ‘Psychological Torture’ Led Protester to Kill Himself in Prison

Rodolfo Gonzalez, dubbed 'The Aviator,' was an alleged operational chief in last year's Venezuela street protests. He apparently killed himself the night before he thought he'd be transferred to a general-population penitentiary.
Alicia Hernández

French Lawmakers Debate 'Deep Sleep' Option in End-of-Life Reform

Opponents of the bill say the proposed law is “euthanasia in sheep’s clothing,” but for euthanasia advocates, the bill does not go far enough.
Pierre Longeray

Police Fire Tear Gas at Students Protesting DRC President Joseph Kabila's Electoral Reform Bill

Violence continues in Kinshasa as civilians protest a controversial bill that would delay an election until a national census and extend President Joseph Kabila's term.
Pierre Longeray
Burkina Faso

Revolution in Burkina Faso: The Fall of Compaoré

VICE News documents the final hours of the president of Burkina Faso's 27-year long reign, as a popular revolution reaches its turbulent conclusion on the streets of the capital Ouagadougou.

Footage Captures Kenyan Parliament Session Descending Into Chaos Over New Security Law

Books were thrown and a shirt was ripped as Kenya's lawmakers battled it out on the house floor over the controversial new anti-terror legislation.
Kayla Ruble

Video Shows Tear Gas Fired in Nigerian Parliament in Chaotic Scenes Over Defected Politician

Security officials attempted to bar the house speaker from entering the assembly building ahead of a debate to extend the state of emergency in Nigeria.
Kayla Ruble