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Jeff Bezos Says the 'National Enquirer' Tried to Extort Him with a Dick Pic

The Amazon mogul responded with a viral Medium post denouncing the whole scheme.
Harry Cheadle

What You Should Know About the Mysterious Trump 'Elevator Tape'

No one knows if it exists, but everyone wants to see it.
VICE Staff
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The 'National Enquirer' Reportedly Had a Safe Full of Trump Secrets

According to the AP, the tabloid had squirreled away "documents on hush money payments and other damaging stories."
Harry Cheadle
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Tabloid Editor Allegedly Wanted to Make a Facebook Page for Employee's Vagina

Former RadarOnline employees say Dylan "Dildo" Howard forced them to watch porn, encouraged reporters to sleep with sources, and went into detail about his sex life.
Drew Schwartz
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Trump Thinks Ted Cruz's Dad Might Have Helped Kill JFK

Rafael Cruz supported Castro and allegedly handed out fliers with Oswald, but that doesn't mean he wanted to blow JFK's brains out.
Helen Donahue

New Ted Cruz Conspiracy Theory: Dad Is Connected to JFK's Assassination

Reddit users and the National Enquirer have accused the presidential candidate's father, Raphael Cruz, of being a Castro-loving Cuban who was chummy with Lee Harvey Oswald.
Mitchell Sunderland
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Ted Cruz Says the Sleazy Story About Him Cheating on His Wife Was Trump-Planted Ratfuckery

Ted Cruz's denial of a "National Enquirer" story alleging he had five mistresses included some pretty odd language about rodents.
VICE Staff
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Charlie Sheen Will Reportedly Reveal He Is HIV Positive on NBC's 'Today'

Sheen is scheduled to make a "revealing personal announcement" during his interview with Matt Lauer on Tuesday.
VICE Staff

Why Does the 'National Enquirer' Suck at the Internet?

They produce headlines that sell magazines in supermarkets, so why in 2015 are they doing such a bad job of producing pageviews?
Mike Pearl