National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Hurricane Dorian

Top NOAA Scientist Calls Out Agency for Backing Trump in Dumbest White House Controversy Ever

"This intervention to contradict the forecaster was not based on science but on external factors including reputation and appearance”
Alex Lubben

The Tiger Sharks Eating This Dead Whale Aren’t Waiting for the Government Shutdown to End

“The situation is impacted by the partial government shutdown.”
Sarah Emerson
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Trump Administration Actually Confirms 2016 Was Hottest Year Ever

However, the updated NOAA report didn't dig into the link between climate change and burning fossil fuels.
Drew Schwartz
northern lights

Space Weather Watch: Keep an Eye Out for Aurora

Nothing to worry about—except for a cool light show if you live up North.
Samantha Cole

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO and major Republican donor Meg Whitman says she will support Hillary Clinton, top DNC officials resign over the leaked email scandal, and more.
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2015 had hotter temperatures and higher sea levels than ever before

Troubling data in a new report shows those greenhouse gases reached new record highs last year — at a time when countries around the globe are struggling to set limits to contain them.
Hilary Beaumont

Here's What Climate Change Has Done to the Season Formerly Known as Winter

Abnormally warm weather across the Northern Hemisphere points to the continued pace of global warming, which is toppling temperature record after temperature record.
Matt Smith

Ocean Explorers Stumbled Upon a Ghostly Octopus That Had Never Been Discovered

This little guy was found chilling at 4,000 meters underwater.
Rachel Pick
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Unless Earth Is Hit by a Huge Asteroid, 2015 Will Likely Be the Hottest Year on Record

Last month was the hottest October on record as well as the largest recorded monthly temperature anomaly, says the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, making it almost certain that 2015 will beat 2014 for hottest year.
Matt Smith

The Federal Government Says Billions of Animals Died From the BP Disaster

The gusher damaged the hearts of fish and the lungs of dolphins, fouled beaches where birds and turtles nest, and killed marsh plants that provide food and shelter for other animals.
Matt Smith
Sea Lions

Nursing a Sea Lion Pup Back to Health (Excerpt from 'California’s Sea Lion Die-Off')

In this excerpt, VICE News witnesses the California Wildlife Center’s smallest and most frail sea lion pup as it learns how to eat a full fish.

Infographic: California’s Sea Lion Die-Off

So far in 2015, the number of California sea lion strandings has surpassed the total number of strandings from 2004 to 2012 combined.
Brooke Workneh