National Organization for Women


Republicans Want to Make a Debate Over Discrimination into an Abortion Battle

At the first hearing on the Equal Rights Amendment in nearly four decades, lawmakers debated its implications for abortion rights.


How Anti-Abortion Rhetoric Shapes Pro-Choice Advocacy

Historians and advocates for reproductive justice say our understanding of abortion has been influenced by the anti-abortion movement's "pro-life" arguments against it.


The Feminist Divide Over Decriminalizing Sex Work

On Monday, the National Organization for Women joined other local groups and a representative for Gloria Steinem to oppose legislation that would decriminalize sex work in New York.


Clinton Campaign Calls Bullshit on Trump’s ‘Women’s Empowerment Tour’

Following the announcement of Donald Trump's new initiative to trick women into voting against themselves, we reached out to Hillary for America, Jill Stein, the National Organization for Women, and others to find out what they think a women's...


The Big Business of Female Sexual Arousal

Stories of equal opportunity orgasms are about to fuel a booming business.