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Glaciers in One of the World’s Largest Ice Fields Are Rapidly Shrinking

A 2018 report called the “State of the Mountains” details the effects of climate change on an iconic North American mountain range.
Sarah Emerson
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Man in Cargo Shorts Takes Selfie with a Ton of Hungry Bears

Whose dad is this?
Drew Schwartz
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How to Throw a Wedding for Under $5,000

City hall, kegs of wine, and a small guest list can help make your dream wedding affordable.
Melissa Kravitz
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America’s atomic history is now open to the public

The Hanford site was one of the most crucial parts of The Manhattan Project, the U.S. government's secret program to produce the atomic bomb. And tourists are flocking to it.
Roberto Ferdman

Here's How to Save Public Lands from Trump Administration Deregulations

VICE Impact talks to representatives from Outdoor Alliance, one of the nation’s leading non-profits devoted to protecting our public lands, about why these landscapes are so important.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage
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‘The Land Is an Equalizer’: Indigenous Peoples Take Greater Role in Shaping Canada's National Parks

“We believe true reconciliation happens on the land.”
Jeremy Klaszus
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Soothe Your Weary Soul with the Calming Sounds of US National Parks

Geysers and frogs and bears, oh my!
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Canada Is Airdropping Pregnant Bison Into Banff National Park

In a scene somehow reminiscent of both Jurassic Park and Free Willy, 16 wild bison reclaim their forebears’ range in Banff.
Becky Ferreira
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Yesterday on the Internet: U.S. National Parks go rogue on Twitter

This week, news of U.S. federal agencies being directed to lock down their social media led to an uprising of rogue national parks twitter accounts.
Michael Kalenderian

Here’s the Fattest Bear

Nice work, Otis.
Jordan Pearson
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The Government Is Being Sued For Letting Nestlé Bottle Drought-Stricken California’s Water

The US Forest Service is being sued for allowing Nestlé to siphon water from San Bernardino National Forest by way of an expired permit from 1988.
Alex Swerdloff

Canada's Newest National Park Is Cloaked In Near-Perpetual Darkness

For several months each year, Bathurst Island is cloaked in perpetual darkness.
Matthew Braga