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He Used to Work at the NRA. Now He’s Shaping Gun Policy at the White House.

Michael Williams also worked for the American Suppressor Association, which represents silencer manufacturers and dealers.
Elizabeth Landers
5 days ago
Mass Shooting

Even 31 Dead Might Not Get "Red Flag" Gun Laws Passed in Ohio and Texas

But President Donald Trump wants them.
Carter Sherman

Now That NRATV Is Dead, Watch Seven of Its Most Unhinged Segments

From Dana Loesch putting a KKK hood on Thomas the Tank Engine to some guy calling weed "a prostitute of sorts."
Drew Schwartz

The NRA is in crisis. Its members aren't too worried.

The NRA board president stepped down on Saturday, while New York opened an investigation into the association's finances.
Tess Owen

The NRA is fighting the Violence Against Women Act over the “boyfriend loophole”

And it's testing the powerful gun lobby's control over the GOP.
Matt Laslo

Washington just became the second state to ban the NRA’s “murder insurance”

The policies sold are deceptive and dishonest. I would be remiss as the state’s insurance regulator if I didn’t shut them down.”
Tess Owen

After Parkland, the gun lobby wants to show it’s not so white and male

At the annual Gun Policy Rights Conference in Chicago, a focus on diversity, and not on the NRA.
Tess Owen

Court Documents Show the NRA's Unhinged Rhetoric Being Used Against It

The gun-rights giant says it's bleeding money, and a legal battle with its old insurance broker suggests politics are a big part of the problem.
Alex Yablon
Mike Spies
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People Keep Mistaking the National Restaurant Association for the NRA

Imagine thinking you were going to a convention for AR-15 enthusiasts and instead walking into a room full of burger innovations.
Jelisa Castrodale
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Republicans will only ban bump stocks if Trump is on board

Alex Thompson
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Congress offers "thoughts and prayers" and not much else

Alex Thompson
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The NRA's Plan to Make People Fear the 'Violent Left' May Backfire

A leading researcher says she has never seen evidence of stories about violent protests increasing support for gun rights.
Alex Yablon