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Hurricane Dorian

Top NOAA Scientist Calls Out Agency for Backing Trump in Dumbest White House Controversy Ever

"This intervention to contradict the forecaster was not based on science but on external factors including reputation and appearance”
Alex Lubben
Hurricane Dorian

This Is the Dumbest White House Scandal in History and Trump Can’t Let It Go

Welcome to Day Six of the stupid Alabama thing
Alex Lubben

23 dead after massive tornado rips through rural Alabama — and the death toll is expected to rise

"It looks like someone took a giant knife and scraped the ground," one county sheriff said.
Emma Ockerman
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Please Don't Let Your Tiny Dog Blow Away in the Wind

The National Weather Service just issued a "small dog warning" for the Cleveland area, where winds have reached upward of 50 MPH.
Drew Schwartz
government shutdown

The Shutdown Is Weakening Our Understaffed Weather Service

Salaried meteorologists at the National Weather Service aren’t getting paid, and this could have long-term implications for your weather forecasts.
Caroline Haskins

Power Plants Are Making It Snow in Nebraska

Two power plants in Norfolk, Nebraska caused several inches of snow to fall in parts of the state on Monday.
Sarah Emerson
hurricane florence

“The crisis in North Carolina continues”: Day 5 of Hurricane Florence

"Catastrophic flooding and tornadoes are still claiming lives and property.”
Tess Owen
Jesse Seidman
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‘Geostorm’ Is Less Popular With Conspiracy Theorists Than the Government Was Expecting

The National Weather Service was preparing for an influx of questions about government weather modification, but no one cares.
Caroline Haskins
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$180 Billion in Damage Later, Residents Still Need Longterm Harvey Relief Help

These are the local immediate aid charities and organizations that will ensure Houston and surrounding areas rebuild in the long run.
Kastalia Medrano
The Rundown

Here’s How You Can Help the Survivors of Hurricane Irma Right Now

Your guide to what’s working, what’s not and what you can do about it.
Impact Staff

Irma and Harvey are Putting Experimental New Forecasting Tech to the Test

NOAA is using supercomputers to test a hurricane forecasting algorithm that has been two decades in the making.
Daniel Oberhaus
hurricane irma

Aerial photos show how Irma leveled Caribbean islands

Christina Sterbenz