Native American Reservations


Native American Women Have Been Saying a Lot More Than #MeToo for Years

Four-in-five Native American women will experience domestic violence, and unjust laws prevent even more from getting justice.


For Native Americans, Fall Can Be a Painful Reminder of the Past and Struggles of Today

Fall traditions like Columbus Day, headdress Halloween costumes, and sports mascots like the Redskins can bring out strong feelings, and harsh reminders.


The Navajo Nation Can't Go It Alone in Their Struggle for Clean Water

Activists felt the defeat in Trump’s allowance of the Dakota Access pipeline, but there’s another fight to be won in the American southwest.


This Indigenous Activist Is Fighting Trump's Wall With YouTube

As a sovereign nation that straddles the U.S.-Mexico border, the Tohono O’odham face unique problems in the face of Trump’s extreme stance on immigration.


How 'Porn’s New King’ Allegedly Swindled a Native American Tribe Out of Millions

Former internet porn baron Jason Galanis has been busted for scamming members of the Oglala Sioux Nation out of $60 million. A professor of Native American studies explains why tribal communities are at risk of fraud.


Pearl Jam’s Bassist Has Personally Funded More Than a Dozen Skateboard Parks in the Midwest

Jeff Ament has used his fame and success to help build skateparks all over Montana and South Dakota, many on Native American reservations.


Revisiting the Strange, Tragic Murders of Two Children on a North Dakota Indian Reservation

The violent deaths of Travis DuBois Jr. and his sister, Destiny Shaw, in 2011 point to larger problems on the impoverished reservation.


Native American Reservations Can Legalize Weed Now, but Will They?

Not many tribes appear to want to go the way of Colorado and Washington state.