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These Storm Tourists Are Dropping Thousands of Dollars to Chase Tornadoes

“If a tornado was cheese, I wanna stick my cracker in it. It's like a weird little fetish."
Lee Doyle
Katherine Tutrone
Trona Earthquake

The Town at the Epicenter of California’s Massive Earthquake Feels Forgotten

"I'm young, I just got this house, I worked hard for this house, and now an earthquake is possibly going to take it out."
Ani Ucar
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Midwestern farmers are not about to let historic flooding put them under

At least 1 million acres of farmland flooded in nine different states. The damages are currently estimated to top $3 billion.
Pieter Colpaert
Jika Gonzalez
Agnes Walton
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Inside the desperate mission to rescue people in Mozambique after Cyclone Idai

With roads destroyed and a lack of helicopters, aid is struggling to get to people in remote areas.
Alex Campbell
Ben Ferguson
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These rescue workers are trying to find hundreds still missing from the California wildfire

At least 77 people are dead, and more than 600 people are still unaccounted for in California’s deadliest and most destructive wildfire
Ani Ucar
Kristin Fraser
gun rights

Pink's Husband Suggests He'd Shoot Wildfire Looters in California

Former pro motocross racer Carey Hart warned: "looters will be shot on site [sic]."
Kara Weisenstein
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Shocking Video Shows Family Driving Through a Devastating California Wildfire

A woman evacuating Paradise captured footage of her drive out of the neighborhood ravaged by the Camp fire.
Drew Schwartz
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A look inside the search and rescue for Indonesia's tsunami survivors

Thousands of people remain unaccounted for and today the search for victims ended.
Laurel Chor
Hind Hassan

Scenes from Palu, an Indonesian City Devastated by Last Week's Tsunami

Our photographer was in the disaster-torn city on Saturday, only 24 hours after disaster struck. Here's what he saw.
Iqbal Lubis
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Inside a town in North Carolina where only the poorest parts flood

Why one family decided not to leave.
Roberto Ferdman
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North Carolina didn't need FEMA to weather Hurricane Florence

The hurricane response efforts took shape in North Carolina’s counties and towns, largely independent of federal authorities.
Alexandra Jaffe
hurricane florence

“The crisis in North Carolina continues”: Day 5 of Hurricane Florence

"Catastrophic flooding and tornadoes are still claiming lives and property.”
Tess Owen
Jesse Seidman