natural gas


Large American Cities Are Leaking Twice as Much Methane as We Thought

Leaky pipes are likely sending methane-rich natural gas into the atmosphere where it contributes to climate change, a new study has found.


A grandma chained herself inside a Ford Pinto to try to stop a fracked gas pipeline in West Virginia

The 303-mile Mountain Valley Pipeline will transport 2 billion cubic feet of fracked natural gas through West Virginia.


One Fracking Well Can Suck Up 250,000 Bathtubs' Worth of Water in Less Than a Week

A new study examines the impact of fracking on streams in Arkansas.


Blame Oil's Decline for the Middle East's Latest Conflict

The confrontation between Qatar and Saudi Arabia comes down to the competition between oil and natural gas.


The Coal Industry Isn’t Even Certain That Donald Trump Can Save It

President Trump's newest executive order won't bring coal back for good.


Obama Moved to Block Oil Drilling in the Arctic Ocean

The US Department of the Interior has placed the Arctic Ocean off-limits for oil or gas drilling, setting up another obstacle for Trump's energy prospects.


Three Other Oil and Gas Pipelines, and What They Put at Risk

With all eyes turned to the Dakota Access Pipeline, three oil and gas projects have been making steady headway.


The US Hasn’t Seen Carbon Emissions This Low Since 1991

Thanks to warmer weather and renewable energy, carbon emissions in 2016 were the lowest they’ve been since 1991.


The Women Fighting Fracking in Their Own Backyard

Rebecca Roter suffered from nosebleeds and mouth ulcers after a drilling company moved into her county. She's a part of a group of "citizen scientists" in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, who are trying to stop the controversial practice of fracking.