Natural Hair


Meet The Influencers Making Brazil's Natural Hair Movement Mainstream

Inspired by a new generation of YouTubers and bloggers, Brazilian girls are ditching chemical straightening and blow dries.
Branca Lessa de Sá

Black Actresses Are Calling Out Hollywood for Making Them Do Their Own Hair

Natural hair stylists are everywhere nowadays, except studio budgets.
Taylor Hosking
Browsing Black History

What The Natural Hair Movement Looked Like Before Influencers

In the 2000s, early message boards served as platforms for Black women to create a community around their natural hair—and life experiences.
Starrene Rhett Rocque

A Jamaican Mother Is in a Supreme Court Battle Over Her Child's Dreadlocks

Sherine Virgo was told by her five-year-old daughter's school principal that dreadlocks would not be allowed because of a policy tied to "hygiene" and "avoiding lice," and the resulting case has spurred a political conversation about discrimination.
chemical exposure

Women of Color Are Bearing the Brunt of a Toxic Beauty Industry

Inconclusive science and social pressures are putting women's health at risk.
Ankita Rao

'Can I Touch It?' The Implicit Bias Against Black Women's Natural Hair

Researchers from the Perception Institute developed the first-ever Hair Implicit Association Test to measure whether or not people are unconsciously biased against black women's hair. The results of their study were published today, offering a new set...
Kimberly Lawson

Oppressive Office Dress Codes Need to Go

Dress codes disproportionately target not just teenage girls in school, but people of color, LGBTQ students, and overweight people.
Septembre Anderson

Is Six Flags Racist Against Dreadlocks?

Do locks really make you too unprofessional to clean up little kid vomit and flip burgers?
Wilbert L. Cooper