natural resources

zombie oil

The US Is Paying Big Oil to Keep Fossil Fuels Profitable

Subsidies are keeping “zombie energy” alive.
Stephen Leahy
Big Cheese

Trump’s Transition Team Asked NASA About Surveying the Moon for Valuable Resources

Internal communications between NASA and Trump's transition team, obtained by a Motherboard FOIA, show the new administration is also interested in how the agency's research helps private industry.
David Axe
deep sea mining

We Need to Regulate the Seabed Before Mining Companies Destroy It

Commercial activity on the bottom of the ocean may destroy ecosystems we don’t even know exist.
Daniel Oberhaus

The Abandoned Industry Towns Threatening British Columbia's Natural Resources

On an all new episode of 'ABANDONED,' Rick heads to BC's northern coast to visit what remains of the region's industry towns.
VICE Staff

Massive Global Investors Group Says We Need to Stop Eating So Much Meat

FAIRR, the Farm Animal Investment Risk & Return, is an investment initiative made up of 40 different groups with more than $1 trillion in assets under their management.
Kevin Farrell
climate change

Humans Have Used All the Earth’s Resources for the Year

By 2030, we'll need more than two Earths to support our natural resource needs.
Sarah Emerson

China Wants to Build a Deep Sea 'Space Station'

China's plans to claim sovereignty over the South China Sea just got a whole lot deeper.
Sarah Emerson
Here Be Dragons

The Eclipse May Have Been Crappy but What It Told Us About Our Future Is Great

Today, a solar eclipse had a slight chance of fucking up the UK power grid—and that's a really great thing because it means that we're slowly starting to wean ourselves off oil.
Martin Robbins

Mining the Largest Shale-Gas Reserve in the Northern Hemisphere

A grassroots resistance movement has emerged to fight the introduction of fracking in the UK, and it appears to be gaining momentum throughout the country. VICE News travels to Blackpool, Lancashire, to see the fractivists in action.
VICE Staff

A Contaminated Lake Is Poisoning a Thai Village

The fluoride-filled water in the rural town of Ban Mae Toen has caused brain damage and deformities, including massive goiters, in many residents.
Ana Salvá

How Europe Plans to Reduce Its Dependency on Russian Gas

In light of the Ukraine crisis, Europe has a plan to wean itself off an overwhelming dependency on Russian gas.
Victoria Turk

An Artist Has Made A Primitive Computer Out Of Earth Crystals, And Little Else

"Irrational Computing" by Ralf Baecker is technology in its most natural form.
Nadja Sayej