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What If Technology Could Put a Sunset in Your Home?

Graduate Daria Jelonek explores how natural wonders might be incorporated into our everyday appliances, and in doing so asks us to reconsider how we view our contemporary technology.


8 Camera-Less Photographers You Need To Know

These shutterbugs have eschewed traditional photography in favor of their own techniques, sans-camera.


[NSFW] Portraits of Sticky, Sweaty, Smelly, and Erotic Bodies

In 'Grass, Peonie, Bum,' Maisie Cousins celebrates bodies for their repulsiveness and their eroticism.


These Complex Graphic Designs Just Want You to Appreciate Life

Mexican illustrator Daniel Barreto wants to remind us of the beauty within.


Let 30 Video Visualizations Immerse You in the Wonders of Plant Life

For Italian musical group ‘Botanica’, design studio Super Symmetry created 30 videos that visualize the wonder of plants.


Geometric Animal Tattoos Come to Life in Sweden

Oskar blends multiple styles while inking together everything from nature to his love for old school western tattoos.


Your Corpse Could Become a Tree With Egg-Shaped Coffins Made of Seeds

What tree would you like to be buried beneath?


You’ll Go Apeshit For These Realistic African Primate Paintings

After volunteering at Cameroon’s Ape Action Africa, Robin Huffman became a wildlife artist.


Awe-Inspiring Timelapse Captures a Rare Phenomenon at the Grand Canyon

Filmmaker Harun Mehmedinović captures various areas of the Grand Canyon, both during the day and at night, as clouds drift through its mazes.


An Artist Is Growing a Garden Using Tweets from Trump, Fox, and CNN

Martin Roth linked grow lights to the tweets of policy and opinion makers. The more retweets these people and organizations gain, the stronger the lights that nurture the plants.


What Do Palm Trees, Lightning, and a Flattened Chicken Have in Common?

For starters, Berlin-based artist Julius von Bismarck spent the last few years in a South American jungle firing aluminum rockets into raging thunderstorms.


This Artist Turns Leaves into Patterned Works of Art

With a fine blade, Nina Pearse creates freeform motifs from Mother Nature.